Canopy Tent & Advertising canopies, also called Promotional Demo Tents, are promotional tools for events, trade shows, festivals, exhibitions and more. With the liberty to use them indoor and outdoor, they are very versatile and offer good protection against adverse weather conditions. They offer attractive visuals with engaging text and are the best solution for promotions. We ship almost to every corner of India.
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A Canpoy tent is a pair of canopy frames and canopy tops that covers an area for promoting the goods and brands. It is used for indoor and outdoor canopies both. These canopy tents are popular with several names like pop-up canopy, promotinal canopy, customs tents, camping tents. A promotional canopy tents is a stucture made by frames using aluminium & iron , and polyster fabric. There is a term pop up canopy which is generally used for small events. For pop up canopy tents the setup is very easy and takes little bit of time for setting. Printtrade India's best wholesalor of canopy tents provides two types of canopy plain as well as printed. We give best quality of polyster fabric for top of the tents. These promotional canopy tents helps you to promote all type of brands and also helps in organizing an event with security. If you are going to host any outdoor promotion we are here to give you the best material of steels nd fabrics to make your canopy tents more reliable and secure. We assure you to give high quality of canopy tents with long lasting features. The tents provided by printtrade is a best option for you to promote your next event.

There are two types of canopies offered by Printtrade : 

1. Plain

2. Printed


Plain Canopy.: Manufactured in Plain tetron fabric


Printed Canopy.: Printed Canopy Make In Digital flex MediaThere are primarily three options for the Flex Media-


Normel Flex: Being the budget option for canopies, it is the best product for price-sensitive consumers. The major feature of the regular flex is that it doesn't allow creases to settle in due to its light and thin properties.



Black Back Flex: Black back flex canopy printing is done on black Flex. IT is black in colour from the rear and provides better contrast for the prints and also prevents light  from passing through.



Premium Star Flex: Canopy printing on this type of flex offers the highest durability and best print quality with a glossy finish.



Being developed with acute skills and precision the Canopy comes in different dimensions which are as follows:


4x4x7 ft canopy- There will be 7 banners in total 3 each in top & bottom and 1 as background. Top banners will be 4x1 ft size each & bottom banners will be 4x2.5 ft each where 4 ft in length. Background banner will be 4x7 ft.


6x6x7 ft canopy - There will be 7 banners in total 3 each in top & bottom and 1 as background. Top banners will be 6x1 ft size each & bottom banners will be 6x2.5 ft each where 6 ft in length. Background banner will be 6x7 ft.


Shipping- The Printed Canopy is dispatched in 2 working days (after finalisation of design) via surface transport.



Key Features of Canopy Tents



Portable/ Foldable- Light-weight and easily carried around



Waterproof- The material used in manufacturing prevents any damage from the water



Heavy-duty iron frame - Stands tall and rigid due to the sturdy materials used for support



Long-lasting- The fabric of the flex endures normal wear and tear and remains intact over longer periods.



Ideal for outdoor campaigns- The ease of carrying and moving makes it a viable option for advertising and marketing



Free carry bag- A free carry bag is included to add more ease for our customers



Delivery all over India- We ship almost to every corner of India.