Easel stands are mostly used in malls, outlets, shops and exhibitions. They are an essential part of most businesses and offices demonstrating and exhibiting their professional work. These are eye-catching stands which used for their attractive designs and carry a load of information such as product descriptions, discounts, cheaper deals, product launch, special offers, prizes etc
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Wooden Easel Stand


Printtrade is a major manufacturer of wooden Easel stands that comes in different dimensions and use the best raw materials to build great stands. The wooden structure that supports the Easel stands is quite sturdy and robust which in turn gives the stand additional strength and overall a sturdy stature. You can provide your inputs on what design and dimensions you require and we will have them build for you. Due to Easel stand’s lightweight capabilities, they are easy to carry around and placed wherever required. The Easel stands are an excellent choice for businesses looking to multiply sales by attracting people nearby such as around coffee shops, gift shops, outlets, amusement and public parks, hotels and more. 


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Specification and Sizes.: Printtrade uses the best quality and tough wood to create the Easel stands for maximum life and strength. We also offer some mini-sized Easel stands as well such as the ones you would put on your office desk or on a table. The Easel stands come in different dimensions which are as follows-


5Feet Easel Stand





4Feet Easel Stand






3Feet Easel Stand






easel stand also dispatch via fedex surface courier with thick carogated packing