We offer you hard gumming & plastic Coated (vinyle) Stickers with Multicolour printed stickers are printed on good quality self adhesive.
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Sticker Printing




Printtrade also deals with Multicolor Printed Sticker in Three type quality normal gumming, hard gumming, vinyl stickers. we also print in 4 color offset printing machine for high-quality printing output

A piece of paper with a particular matter or picture on one side that can be stick onto something. On the other side of a sticker, a sticky substance is provided that is used to attach it to a surface. 
Stickers come in different shapes and sizes. Which is widely used in various purposes? There is a variety of stickers with different colors and designs.
Printrade gives you all types of stickers which you can in both the ways such as:- personally as well as professionally.
Stickers are those tools that are inexpensive and can be stuck on anything and can express whatever you want to communicate with others. It is the most appropriate way to express the content in a very flexible way. 

Putting stickers is always being a creative idea. There are some creative use of stickers:-

1- Stickers are mostly used to advertise any offer for your marketing materials.
2- Personalised stickers are used to seal your parcel, letters,  envelopes, etc. It gives it a creative touch and also you can put your special logo on it.
3- When we usually enter in any shop or a new work area,  we search for the Wi-Fi password. The best way to introduce your password to the people we generally put the details of it on the entrance area with the help of these stickers. 
Printrade is the best way to give you all this experience in just one click.